WAF-Direct : who are we

Since 2006, Waf Direct has been distributing innovative and design solutions around the air at home through a number of areas: purification, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, auxiliary heating and aromatherapy.

Our goal: To propose solutions to improve the air we breathe, at home, in the office, by car etc.

Waf Direct is always looking for new partners and is open to new products and technologies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to join us to distribute our products or to propose us new products.

The founder : Nicolas Planté

Passionate about innovative technologies and design, Nicolas has always wondered how to improve its indoor air quality (whether in the office, in the car or at home). In February 2006, he created Air Naturel.

Thanks to his innovative products and design (even for small budgets), he won numerous awards such as the Oxygen Awards in November 2009 and the E-commerce Silver Award by the Chamber of Commerce in June 2010.

Since then, when he has the opportunity, this inveterate athlete devotes himself to his passion for cycling and ventures into the mountains to take a good breath of air. These escapades in the wilderness allow him to think about new products always more respectful of your indoor air quality.


Our websites


Air and me, previously Air Naturel 

We distribute all our solutions related to the treatment of air, air purifiers, ionizers, humidifiers, air …

This site became in a short time the French reference in air treatment. We are the only ones to propose and to have in stock ranges as wide. Which is today able to offer all types of humidification, hot steam, cold by ultrasound, evaporation or even travel. Same for purification and dehumidification.


Stadler Form 

Stadler Form is a line of design objects for the home. On this merchant site you will find a range of purifiers, humidifiers, fans and also kitchen equipment with a very neat elegance.

le bien air chez soi

The blog “Le bien air chez soi”

Our blog “le bien air chez soi” has been around for a shorter time than the site, but it is following the same growth curve. This tool and vector of information confirms our interest in the treatment of air, this site is indeed only editorial. This blog now has more than 2000 visitors per month.

The aim is not only to educate consumers on the topic of air treatment, but also to guide them to products that best meet their needs and try to bring real solutions to everyday difficulties. Our blog also allows consumers to discuss issues related to air quality, leave comments, write down articles, etc. 


Our distributed brands


Keep in touch

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us for any projects, partnerships, ideas or other that could enable us to improve the air inside your home on a daily basis.

To contact us, please send an email to contact at airandme fr

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